HH Nico vs Tano Centerfold

  1. OK - I am trying to find a new bag.

    I've narrowed it downn to the HH Nico and the Tano Centerfold.

    I'm looking for a bag that can be worn on my should and crossbody (for when I have the kids w/ me). In the description for the Nico it says it can be crossbody.

    My questions are:

    which one?

    does the Nico look funny when worn crossbody?

    is the Nico too big for when I'm not carrying my kids stuff?

    can a water bottle fit in one of the front pockets of the Nico?


    PS-If anyone has any suggestions for other crossbody bags I'd love to hear them......
  2. I have a Nico and the strap isn't long enough to be worn crossbody comfortably. It's adjustable, but even at it's longest if you try to wear it crossbody the bag comes up pretty high on your waist. I guess you could do it if you're really short (I'm 5'6", it doesn't work for me), but then that would be a huge bag on you.

    It may sound funny to say, but the bag actually looks smaller when it's not stuffed full, because it's so soft that it conforms to your body and hangs pretty well. I think it's a LOT bigger than the Tano centerfold (I can fit not only a laptop in the Nico, but also a large chameleon organizer, a magazine, and a water bottle. All at the same time).

    Edit: Didn't see your last question. The outside pockets aren't as deep as a water bottle, but they could definitely hold one. I love how there are 4 outside pockets and each one has a magnetic snap.
  3. What do you need it to carry besides the usual keys, wallet, cell, makeup? Also water? Are your kids still in diapers?
  4. I'm 5'6" too so I think the Nico is out. Thank you for letting me know what your experiences are!!

  5. I have one still in diapers, but no bottles. I like having water on my for my older two daughters and a sippy cup for my youngest.

    I like being able to wear it crossbody even if I'm just out w/ my two older ones (no diapers but yes for water). Its nice to have hands free w/ the older ones too.

    But I don't want it too big for the rare occasion I'm out alone. I like to look a little stylish w/o the kids around!;)

  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Here are some more Tano messengers that may work for ya, Meredith. I just saw some of these this week at the Hall 2/Holiday trade show in NYC.
  7. ^ LOVE the Beauregarde and Open Source bags!
  8. Go with the Tano. You can get them at BrandsBoutique.com for an extra 20% off all month. Their prices are the best online for tano. The centerfold is a hot design!
  9. I love my Nico. I agree, it's a stretch as a cross body. I'm 5'4", and it's a bit snug! It's a great bag; I LOVE the outside pockets...I rarely use the main bag!
  10. ditto, I like the wide strap ( + hardware) on the Beauregarde, looks comfy, for crossbody.
  11. OK this is probably dumb...but how can you tell which one is the Beauregarde?
  12. ^Each pic that Tano Expert posted is clickable. :smile: