HH in Rue Magazine

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  1. Rue is a new magazine. Nice feature on Toni and Ben and their Brooklyn loft, starts on page 152-153. Great photos (no new stuff).

  2. Wait, I hadn't seen the La Garconne satchel before? (I'm a bit behind though) :P - GREAT pics! I can't figure out how to zoom and read the text....back to it...
  3. beautiful! thanks for sharing, faf.

    what a lovely space they've created. i love all the bits and bobs they've displayed. they look quite handsome together too. that portrait is so cute.

    my dh has found a nice loft space in brooklyn but, i scoffed at the idea because of the location. now, if it were a 3000 sq feet one like toni and ben's, i'd definitely say yes. (that's 3.5 larger than our current apartment! :faint: i can have my own room!)
  4. I'd take a 3000 sq ft apt too. that is tons bigger than my place too.

    dream i think the garconne satchel is made by Corrente who I think are seperate designers - they've recently been listing boutique bags in the main handbag page on the HH site.
  5. thanks faf...i'm so out of the loop. all the news is making me dizzy.
  6. Ahh, MB that makes total sense, thank you!

    PS 3000 sq ft is larger than our house in suburbia LOL.
  7. Heh, twice the size of my house, but that's the thing about lofts. Lots of square footage.
  8. I thought it was funny that the taupe clutch was listed as the mystery scarf.
  9. The magazine is great, but I wish it were real. I don't the virtual format...I need to be able to carry it with me and rip pages out.
  10. And not to be snarky, but I'd like an invite to Toni and Ben's. My 30 day loans helped to finance those fancy digs.
  11. Nice! Thanks for posting, faf! Great photography, but this mag definitely needs a good editor :graucho:

    And their loft is more than twice the size of my 1100 sq. ft. house. *sigh*
  12. Must be comforting to come home to such fancy digs in such a tough economic time. :P

    Love Rue! But I'm w/ Chez, I need a real magazine that I can rifle through and clip things out of. Wish Lonny and Rue would expand out of the virtual world.
  13. I just saw something surprising on Ben's FB page. They are moving out of this apartment, and to a house in upstate NY, planning to come back to NYC for a couple days each week to handle the business aspects that must be in-person. They had a moving sale a couple days ago, and are opening it up again today to get the remaining items sold.
  14. ^^Wow! That is surprising. Lots of changes lately. I wonder what it all means?
  15. I remember them saying they bought a farm in upstate NY with the proceeds of their Target collaboration, I wonder if this is it? They have mentioned living in the country as one of their dreams.

    That's the great thing about focusing on the internet business, it's perfectly do-able from upstate NY or anywhere! (As long as the infrastructure is in place.)