HH-esc bag at Target

  1. Isaac Mizrahi Cross Body- Looks very similar to HH Barnard Crossbody. Can't decide if I think the copying is lame, or cool for those who can't afford the real thing.

    Note that he has also copied the Anya Hindmarch coin purses- but I actually think these are kinda cute.
  2. I ordered an Isaac Mizrahi white hobo bag from Target that kind of looked like a MJ bag, but I didn't care. It was on clearance for $6 something. When it arrived the other day, I really liked it! It would make a cute summer bag that I wouldn't have to worry if it got dirty. So my thoughts are if you like it, who cares what others think lol. Go for it!
  3. :wtf: Wow, that's pretty close, even down to the details on the buckle and the folds at the corners.

    Here's the HH, for reference:

  4. Very close, I agree.
  5. I think somebody should tell HH.
  6. Yeh...looks like a blatant copy to me.
  7. whoa. that's pretty close. as much as i dislike fakes, these are fine by me. you DO get what you pay for, since most target bags aren't beautiful smooshy leather, etc. out of curiosity, what coin purses are you referring to?
  8. So I went to Target to see the bag in real life. The leather actually isn't too bad (clearly not HH quality though). But the stitching looks terrible. And this bag is very, very small (at least in comparison to the original)- probably aroun 8x4. Do you all think that HH already knows? Do you think they would care? I mean, this bag is clearly no HH-not a chance of being mistaken for the real thing.
    As for the Anya coin purse type bags- they come in sets of three- I guess to be used as make-up bags or whatever. They are made out of PVC- three for $20. I was thinking of picking them up, but I think I have been spoiled by this website- I just can't do fake leather anymore!
  9. Since Isaac Mizhari always considers himself a "fabulous" designer, you'd think he could do better than rip off someone else's ideas!
  10. I posted a review on this piece of imitation buffoonery on Target's web site. They say it will be 'posted in 5-7 days', but I doubt it. We'll see. My opinion was less than desirable.
  11. I saw this when it first came into the stores. I was puzzled by the fact a designer (Isaac Mizrahi) would put his name on a bag that looks like a bag from another desiger (HH).
  12. I knew those coin purses looked familiar!