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  1. I have signed up for the Hayden Harnett e-mail list, but I have not received a coupon code. Is there a current coupon code? I want to order one of the change purses, but will wait to see if anyone knows of a coupon code. Thanks.
  2. ROCK2007 will get you 15% off, I got a card in my last purchase with that on it.
  3. It doesn't work on sales though, is that right?
  4. My bad, thats right, only on regularly priced merchandise.

    I would look in the Deals and Steal area for a better code. I believe theres still a link from the Presidents Day sale there that will give you free shipping at the very least.
  5. Thanks! :smile: I'm debating on that Havana Hobo in grey.
  6. I can't find the code in Deals and Steals. Analuz, did you find it? I love the Havana Hobo too.
  7. It was the link on the main page, but it didn't work anymore for me :sad:. No luck!
  8. I went ahead and ordered the coin purse. It is a steal without a coupon code, but it would have been nice to get free shipping, since I think the shipping cost is a bit high. Hopefully another coupon code will be coming out soon.