Hgals please help me with a LV decision...

  1. I love a diverse handbag collection and have been considering adding just one LV to my collection.
    As many know, I mainly have Chanels, classics and trendier items, and my two hermes birkins. I have been seriously considering something in the suhali ligne...potentially the le fab or a lockit...
    would love your input on that ligne and those bags in particular from fellow Hermes lovers....
  2. I like them a lot, except for the weight. The Le Fab would kill me. But they are lovely!
  3. Love the small Suhali Lockit. :yes:
  4. i've got a white suhali lockit MM...it's gorgeous and holds a lot...i like it a lot...
    but i dont use it very often for some reason....i dont know why.....
  5. Yes, I have a Suhali Lockit in Sienne and I would recommend it. It is a great bag!! Not too heavy and it holds a lot! White is so gorgeous but I am a very careless person.
  6. I love the suhali lockit pm in sienne! I've seen it in person at the LV store and it is unbelievably gorgeous!!
  7. My vote is for Suhali Lockit as well!
  8. I think the lockit is fab!!
  9. Oh I forgot to mention that mine is PM. ;)
  10. The LeFab is gorgeous but just too hard to get in and out of, IMHO! It is also heavy, but Birkins are too. If anything, I would go for the Black Suhali Lockit!
  11. Suhali Lockit gets my vote. GORGEOUS bag!:love:
  12. Oh, I vote huge for the Le Fabuleaux!!!

    It is not hard to get into, IMHO. Not sure what the issue is since it's open on top, center zip pocket dividing front and rear chambers, with cell and envelope pocket in back.

    Yes, it can weigh a ton if you put a lot in it. But if you have a bunch of stuff, it works! Wallet, MM Organizer, Cles, digital camera, sunglasses, painkiller, etc. Keeps everything very organized.

    It's my go-to handbag until I am blessed with an H bag. I get big compliments on it all the time.
  13. I am clueless with LV. Anyone have pics???
  14. This is me with my Suhali PM in Sienne.

    Please excuse my outfit with my slippers. :sweatdrop:
  15. checkmate, you look fabulous!