Hey Twilight Girls...

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  1. Bathed & Infused has new Twilight inspired scents! I ordered the Bella one-- I couldn't resist :P

    Here's the descriptions from their site:

    Love Triangle – Three’s a crowd. Especially if one is a vampire and another is a werewolf. Inspired by the hit book Twilight, these scents will keep you up from dusk to dawn.

    EDWARD: Sensual and old-fashioned, mysterious Edward's translucent glow shows with a base of amber kissed with a touch of honey, woods and sapmoss. Catch one whiff and he’ll suck you in.

    BELLA: Simple. Innocent. Her captivating notes of lilac, lavender, and Pink Sugar lure even the most dangerous of creatures.

    JACOB: Dark and handsome, Jacob’s wild nature comes out with musk, sweet grass and a hint smoke.


  2. LOL I love it. xD Edward's doesn't sound that delicious :/ darn.
  3. I'm tempted to get the Bella one...
  4. Claire, please review the Bella scent when you get it!
  5. Yeah, I agree! I can see the musk and grass in Jacobs I guess, but idk where the smoke thing came from :confused1:

    I will definitely review Bella when I get it! I ordered the roll-on perfume oil, because that's what I've been into lately. It sounds like it will be pretty good, but B&I scents are sort of hit or miss for me :hrmm:
  6. Can't wait for your review! I saw the Hot Topic version but their stuff is wayyy overpriced for low quality.
  7. I want the Edward one! :smile:
  8. Oh I'm intrigued! I should get the Love Triangle since I seem to be involved in one at the moment....UGH. NOT fun.

  9. Aww.....hope you get it sorted out soon.
  10. Hot Topic also has Edward's Sparkly Body Glitter. Or at least they have it in theory. In actual reality it appears to be always sold out if you go to their website to laugh at the package.
  11. ^ Is it wrong that I'm mildly tempted to buy it and put it on my bf? :shame: LOL
  12. lol!

    Claire- do post a review! I've wanted to try Bathed and Infused forever...

    I don't think you should get body glitter for your b/f though. :nuts: Unless he's a heavy sleeper and you do it while he's asleep. Then you can just act shocked when he is mimicking a sparkle-pire (or Sparkleson as Cleolinda blogs, lol) when he wakes up!
  13. isnt edward supposed to smell sweet? that doesnt sound like him at all. but the bella one sounds like it would smell good.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I love seeing how many little tubs of it are still there whenever I go to Hot Topic. It's usually not very many either. It makes me laugh every time.

    I have the Twilight perfume from HT. It smells good. It's lavender and freesia. That's what Bella smells like to Edward. It's okay. The one from B&I sounds like it smells better. I have to say, kinda interested in the Edward one...and I have no clue why.
  15. amber does smell sweet, the honey should definitely ^^