Hey - how come no one's talking about the latest Sacoche sale?

  1. Girls - I received the email this morning as I know others have. Not only do they show pics ot the leftover sale bags they had earlier but now they have winter items already marked down with some styles I have never even seen before. Unfortunately being picture-posting challenged I can't place the email on here. Don't you hate me now? :sweatdrop:It will make for some interesting discussions. There's this new bag called the "Beatta" or something like that that is very cool! Also - check out the gold metallic python chain handled and regular Betties. OMG - how Hollywood!
  2. ^^Divnanata, I got the same email. I am considering the Patsy shopper. I assume the 477 price is in USD? Do they charge for shipping? How much is the customs fee? Thanks!
  3. OMG, I didn't even notice the tab with the new collections.....nice! I wonder how big the double pocket quilted bay is compared to the meduim quilted bay. I also like that grey quilted bay but its hard to see how nice the colour and leather really is from those pictures!

    They ship with low value so you will avoid customs and they charged me about $50 for shipping to Canada when I ordered last month!
  4. Yup - the prices are in US dollars and as Mona said they do charge for shipping but it is relatively low - depneding on the weight of the bag and where you are in the world. Shipping for my large capsule Paddy was around $75 to the middle of the US. Customs works great since they explain in that section called "How to Buy" that they value everything at $20. I have had three transactions and they have all been seamless.
  5. I'm one of the unlucky few who did not get their email. I've emailed them and requested to be put on their mailing list, but was wondering if someone would be kind enough to list their Chloe sale items?

    many thanks!
  6. It never works for me when I try to post pics!!!! The list is fabulous though. I can't believe they already have the elvire on sale and the new keychains as well....
  7. I cannot seem to get the pics out of the excel file to list them on thr forum!
  8. It's a form of torture??? Did you see that red (epice??) quilted Bay??

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I love the elephant E/W Elvira. No buying here but I'm stunned that bag is for sale so soon...
  9. I am liking quite a few of those bags:heart::drool::heart::

    The double pocket quilted bay in black
    The Grey quilted bay
    The Elvire (pending seeing it IRL)

    I think I'll like them more with further markdowns....:sneaky::devil::sneaky:
  10. ^^Mon^^

    That E/W Elvira is really pretty cool, fabulous leather and coloration. I agree with you they are all very lovely. They'll come down in price! This is just the first phase. With that said, they did have an orange Bay (smaller satchel) last Spring. I was waiting for that to be reduced, but it sold FAST. As much as I liked it I didn't want to spend even on the high sale price. These purse addictions start to add up?
  11. am really annoyed ..i can't seem to open the email attachment so i can't see the bags on sale!!! Maybe thats a blessing in disguise?:nogood:
  12. I asked Irene to send pics and prices in an e-mail not an excel file attachement. Hopefully I'll get that tomorrow and post them!
  13. :nuts:You are not alone!!! Those bags are gorgeous:drool::sweatdrop::upsidedown:!
  14. What's included in the Sacoche sale this time? I didn't get the email.
  15. Pm me...I will forward you the e-mail:yes:! They didn't have the Anna on the list, I thought of you immediately when I seen the email:idea:. However they did have some great bags and the prices weren't to bad either(on most).

    Btw... glad to see you're back posting in the chloe threads:woohoo:!!!