Hey has anyone seen this bag in store??

  1. Hellloo...

    I am looking for this bag......in store..

    but I've only seen this one

    Prada - Nylon Messenger Bag - Saks.com

    I am determined not to get it off raffello since they do jack up the prices....so now Im goin to the expert for help.........*points*......

  2. jill?? anyone?
  3. I could email a pic of it to my Prada SA and ask her if she has it???LMK

  4. Thank you Jill!!!!! I knew I could count on you when it comes to Prada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I just emailed her for you.....
  6. if i forget to check this thread, feel free to PM me....thanks!
  7. Jillyyyyyy have you heard anything?
  8. *bump*
  9. Miss.Jill?
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