Hey Guys!!! Wanted to say THANK-YOU SOOO much!

  1. Hey everybody!!! How are we all doing!?!?! I just wanted to come on and say an extreme Thank-You to everybody that sent me that FABULOUS Card and Gift Certificate!!!! You guys did not have to go out of your way like that!!! I really appreciate it Guys!!!! It meant a lot to me! To everybody.......Thank-You, Thank-You,
    JessakaMitz! You are a big Sweetheart!
    Alieen Abutin!
    Jen Satalino!
    Elizabeth Serven!
    Jamie Toledo!
    Jeanne Eng!
    Hayley aka hazelnut on TPF!
    Stephanie Nguyen aka bubblesnug!
    Denise Lynch!
    Debra Mauzy-Melitz!
    Tracy Pfrommer!
    Dana Lei!
    Jennifer Palisoc!
    Robyn Tanaka!
    I love you guys!!!!! Thank-You SO much! You made my month! haha
    Talk to you all soon!!!!

  2. Wait, Wait, Wait!!! Can not forget....Angie Banuelos!!!!! The one who sent the card!!!! Thank-You so much!!
  3. yayyy, i'm glad you got it ^__^ thanks for always helping us out!

    (btw, the new shipping price to hawaii isn't going to be over $15 eh? LOL).........
  4. if I would have paid enough attention, I would have contributed as well! But I do also appreciate all the work you put into helping us pick out our placements!
  5. Yay! I'm glad you got it too Lindsey!!! :woohoo:
    It was all thanks to Angie who helped organize this :biggrin:
  6. Horray for Lindsey..You totally understand our obsession with finding the perfect print and how it is different for everyone, but yet you go the extra mile to find them for us!! Thanks a ton!
  7. aww i hadnt joined TPF when the stuff was being organized, but i luff lindsey too!! :s well, next time. (paulette from panama...the one who bugs lindsey ALOT)
  8. haha!! that made me laugh LOL

    You're welcome Lindsey!!
  9. hahahhaa had to get it from her...well she didnt answer but i had to put it out there hehe...please please dont be over $15 so I can still buy from SH... I:heart:SH lolz.
  10. Lindsay and Diane are the best!! thanks!!! :smile:
  11. ^-^ i ordered my bags from diane in SH, but i agree, you guys all deserve a hand!
  12. aww... i wasn't on the card but i would like to thank you too! :] hehe
  13. Aw, I guess my name and message wasn't included in Lindsey's card. :tdown:
  14. Your welcome lindsey :nuts:!!

    sorry to hear that other people weren't included in the card tho :sad:
  15. lindsey's the best!