hey boys, look what is coming out !

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  1. i was browsing trough the "holiday cataloge" on eluxury.com and i've noticed something new for us boys ;)

    Love, love, LOVE this new neckplace with the monogram flower.

    there is no link to the product on both elux and vuitton.com website.

  2. that's cool .... I :heart: it
  3. im getting that necklace i allready have the gm bosphore messenger!
    i like the perfo belt too!!!:girlsigh:
  4. does anyone have an idea of the price ?
  5. Yep me too !
  6. Oh yeah, that's cool ! love this symbol, the neckplace is TDF ! i need one for christmas ... well i need a tons of stuff for xmas :nuts:
  7. Great eye.. I love it.. wow wonder how it would look on a girl? I love it..
  8. cool..love cord necklace..
  9. Looks like a matching ring too! most likely part of the costume jewelry, so it wont be at all stores.

    I like the belt soo much but I dont wear belts lol
  10. i like the belt as well.
  11. i've already placed an order for the Fleur de Monogram ring. my SA told me it'll be available mid-December. RRP: AU$680.00 :yes:
  12. any idea of the price? :flowers:
  13. I don't know...I just like the Vahcetta Onatah Belt..
  14. oohh something different I'm intrigued
  15. I like it.
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