Hey! Anyone love the Damier Illovo MM? Need opinions

  1. Im considering this bag as my next LV. Whatca think?:heart: :smile: :heart:
  2. I think that's actually a great bag and quite a bargain, like the speedy! Go for it!
  3. If you like big bags, it would be a nice shoulder bag. From what I've heard the Illovo MM is QUITE big though. I have the PM and am loving it!
  4. It is really big, I've seen it on several mannequins on eBay and it looks huge! I have the PM and I adore it, it's really cute! If you're looking for a big bag though the MM may be really great.
  5. I think it's cute!
  6. any one can show some modeling pictures ? please ?
  7. i like it in photos...but when i try it on it looks weird! (on me :wacko:)