Hey...any suggestions here for a guy?

  1. First time on the YSL forum and I just wanna say I'm amazed by all your beautiful bags...
    I always wanted to buy a YSL tote but never tried one on! Can you please help me?
    I saw the OS Muse on C_24 and I was amazed how good it looked on him...

    Can you please suggest a size for either the Muse or the Downtown?
    I'm looking something in black
    I know the OS muse is a good size for me I'm 182cm
    what about the downtown?
    And the leathers...do I get to choose the leather or is one? Because I've read somewhere about the some leathers that are much softer than others...
    And some idea about the prices????

    I'm really sorry about all these questions...but I think I'm in love with Yves...lol
    Thanks in advance!!!:rolleyes:
  2. Well, thanks so much for your compliment, bagmaniac!

    As I posted, I`m now getting the Rive Gauche and then will decide which one to keep (probably the RG is scoring with its possibility to be worn messenger-style and its square shape.)

    You`re a bit taller than me, so I guess the OS Muse is definitely a good size for you, when it comes to the Downtown, I think the Large one would be fine! There are also some bags in the men`s collection.

    I really like the "Rivoli" Tote as well: http://www.ysl.com/us/en/onlineBoutique/Men/Bags/Casual/P-Rivoli%20Tote%20Bag.aspx

    But maybe you prefer to stick to leather. The OS Muse comes in Buffalo whereas the RG is Chevrette (goat).

    As you see, I fell for YSL and Stefano Pilati, too!
  3. Thanks so much C....
    You look fabulous with that bag...it wasn't a compliment at all!
    I'm pretty torn between muse and downtown...
    Maybe I should try them on..and think about it...
    I really don't know...rive gauche is good but I prefer the muse between the 2..
    Guys please help here...
  4. I think a Large Downtown could be a good choice for a guy around your height. When you get around 6' like yourself, I think that a Muse might start to look a little undersized and feminine, even in the OS size although I'd really have to see it on you since it depends on your build, too. I really like some of the men's collection bags, too, like the Downtown Computer Case and the Muse Briefcase unless you're shying away from bags that look more like work bags.


  5. Thanks very much Shazam...
    I do want a bag for everyday so I wouldn't go for the "briefcase" type!
    I too had the feeling that the large downtown would be good and I like that prolonged vertical shape the large one has instead of the OS Muse which is more round and defined in form!
    Unfortunately I can't try them on because we don't have an YSL boutique in Greece...next month I'm moving to Berlin! There I will have the opportunity...

    I saw this great large downtown in flannel on bluefly...what do you think guys about the canvas bags??? Or should I go for the all-leather??

    Waiting on your opinions...
  6. ^It says large on BlueFly, but it is actually NOT, the Flannel version only came in the Medium size (trust me, I`ve searched high and low for that darn bag, since that caught my eye like half a year ago) and the medium is simply too small for us guys.

    They do have the OS Muse in grey flannel on sale for 657 Euro at YSL Berlin though (great that you`re moving there, I got my Muse from Berlin, the SAs are really helpful), but to me, the leather versions are more versatile when it comes to year-round use.

    I like the Raspail in canvas though (the simple square tote, that also comes in vynil)

    Wait up till you move and then go try all the bags on in the boutique, that would make things probably a whole lot easier!
  7. It sounds like you're leaning towards a Downtown, which sounds like a good choice, and I agree with Claus that leather would be more usable year-round. So you could either order one (so long as you can ensure it won't be a problem to do a return if it doesn't meet your expectations), or you could wait until you'll have access to try on the various bags and make your decision that way.
  8. Bagmaniac23, would the Muse carryall be too travel tote for you? I think that would be such a great look on a guy paired with the Muse crossbody/messenger bag. They're done in leather and you can see it on www.ysl.com .