Hermes Wish List (all things Hermes!)

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  1. I thought it would be fun to keep a list of everything Hermes we would like to get someday! And not just bags as I keep learning of more and more yummy things they carry!! For me,

    Bag in ostrich;
    Watch - either double strap or the one with the watch hanging;
    Another scarf - I have a beautiful orange one I bought last yr;
    Perfume - what do these smell like??!!
    Saddle - I've seen these and they are incredible - of course they cost about as much as a birkin but there's always e-bay! And yes, I do have a horse!!:love:

    That's my list for just today - it might change tomorrow!
  2. Bag: Kelly in pretty much any color, love them all
    Scarves: Also love them all.
    Accessories: any :amuse:
    Heck I even love the ashtrays and I don't smoke.:lol: Anything Hermes is gorgeous. And I love the Caleche eau Delicate perfume. :love:
  3. That is one good wish list, Are you going to get all of the items ?
  4. -Another birkin or a Kelly or a shoulder birkin :biggrin:
    -Ulysses Notebook with glitter paper (will pick up Monday)
    -Double strap watch (not sure what color)
    -Croc Bearn Wallet bifold :biggrin:
  5. Birkin 30 or 35 in either BJ, Potiron, Gold, or Chocolate with palladium
    Kelly 32 Chevre in Potiron
    Kelly 28 rigide black box
    Bolide 27 in Fuchsia chevre
    Bearn wallet in black or brown Mysore
    Scarves, scarves, scarves
    Cute Charm
    Tea Set
  6. Birkin 30 in Rouge H and Gold
    Kelly 32 (not sure what color yet)
    Bearn Wallet in cyclamen
    twilly scarves
    hippo lock
    H-our double strap watch
  7. Birkin 30 Togo/Chevre in Potiron or BJ with palladium
    Birkin 30 Ostrich in blue roi with palladium
    Kelly 32 Chevre in fuchsia
    Kelly 28 rigide black
    lock Charm
  8. Birkin - 30cm potiron, chevre, palladium
    Birkin - 30cm blue jean, ostrich, palladium
    Birkin - 30cm, gold, chevre/clemence, palladium
    Kelly - 28cm, rigid, potiron, chevre, palladium/ruthenium
    Kelly - 25cm/28cm, rigid, rouge H, croc, palladium/ruthenium
    Agenda - GM, fuschia, ostrich with pen holder
    Credit card holder - fuschia, chevre
    Credit card holder - orange, chevre
    Paris ship lock charm

    Of course, it's just a dream to have all of this!
  9. I don't even dare to dream so big. I'd be satisfied with one sweet little kelly bag!
  10. That's what I used to say. They are SOOO addictive!! Never say never! :nuts:
  11. BJ 35cm Birkin
    Hippo lock
  12. I'm new to Hermes, but I get their email updates, and everytime I wander over to their site, I lust over the following:

    all brown, blue, teal, and green silk ties!!
    all twillies!!

    i want. yes.. i want them all. their ties are about $20-$30 cheaper than LV ties too, so i want even more! haha.
  13. Birkin 30cm in silver with gaullochie/hardware-don't know what leather
    Birkin 35cm in black croc with gold/hardware
    Birkin 30cm in red croc with gold/hardware
    JPG 42cm in BJ with palladium
    Kelly 32cm in chevre fuschia
    Kelly 28cm in rigide black
    Croc Bearn wallet

    If only.......
  14. -Kelly 32cm black/palladium hardware chèvre coromandel souple
    -Birkin 30cm crocodile/ gold hardware antracite colour
    -Cashmere stole camel or bright pink
    -Jodphurs for my hubby:love:
    -Hippo lock