Hermes Windows Around the World MASTER THREAD!!!

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  1. Not the best photos but FSH today...

    15EA422B-F7BF-46D4-8E47-85DE16B5AF60.jpeg A0DB5C72-11D7-4F5B-B12D-987F3DB5D127.jpeg A25A81A3-4BF6-445B-8FE9-4FB98BBE4751.jpeg
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  3. There were more crocs! I would love to know what happens to these bags as well. I was to the expo of Hermes’ past window displays, and the bags from them must have been stored untouched.
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  4. E43FBFD9-475E-4A84-AA97-BD2934737605.jpeg 5E291D7A-C142-4C75-8B51-AD34A4054DB5.jpeg CDG Airport, taken yesterday.
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  5. 92C7120B-B6F0-4F56-AA5D-4A749CAEA524.jpeg Rome last week.
  6. The mini mannequin wearing the kelly charm is so cute!
  7. So the long awaited :love:mini charm has arrived!