Hermes Windows Around the World MASTER THREAD!!!

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  1. EDB7372F-2E10-4A06-806C-0E4712121102.jpeg A641B6AE-EE66-4FCD-8D58-FB3973DF8DB0.jpeg Two photos from the small but elegant store in Baden-Baden, Germany. The Birkin is amazing.
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  2. Madison last Sunday

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  3. Does anyone know the details of this shawl? TIA! :flowers:

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  4. Salzburg this week

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  5. I believe that's a blanet actually...
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  6. Thank you! :flowers: It sure is cozy looking!
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  7. It's gorgeous and you will love it. It's not an obscene amount of money either (like 2 K) on (not that I stalk the website or anything) ha! xo
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  8. CAF74374-7278-4BE8-B86A-C8977FAA474F.jpeg F9758908-6227-487A-9717-BC085ABF7F81.jpeg F3FFE38B-B00F-403A-A6BE-CCB5FF080692.jpeg A few photos from my “home” Hermes store in Switzerland...btw, although not for sale to any walk-ins, that Birkin was priced at 9,990 Sfr.
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  9. Bangkok yesterday

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  12. H Rennes, France. Not very festive imho.
    E6DE3315-39D1-4981-B86E-36A91DBC8D9D.jpeg F7006C4C-B77F-49D6-9C9A-8B8B8B2E7A34.jpeg 320FE65B-3377-41E1-8A9B-C17E1E4B9A91.jpeg 9BD48625-6A17-4387-ACD0-132164A0C02D.jpeg 7E2CC217-B5FA-4216-B6C1-4CC3FACF012C.jpeg 241513F8-EA0A-4C34-B135-C19DC6B83FA0.jpeg B189BA5E-7AC2-4EFA-9D73-5291CAE0905F.jpeg E6DE3315-39D1-4981-B86E-36A91DBC8D9D.jpeg
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  13. Brookfield Place, the small store in New York that only sells fragrance, scarves, and some accessories.

    Looks like the mannequin is wearing a Pegase Pop for a dress!


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  14. The windows of the Hermes Toronto store are usually boring compared to the windows of other stores around the world, but I thought these robots were very cute. I especially like the middle one playing hockey!
    IMG_0935.jpg IMG_0933(1).jpg IMG_0931.jpg
  15. Waikiki flagship. Very friendly staff and beautiful store! (Don’t know why one photo is oriented incorrectly)
    90794279-FA8E-490F-B9C2-B756099B4BB0.jpeg 1DB285BF-11C2-4DFA-B5FB-967FF886BC4D.jpeg
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