Hermes Windows Around the World MASTER THREAD!!!

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  1. I went back to try and get some better photos. A slight improvement? Ahhh well!
    IMG_20190122_182724.jpg IMG_20190122_182707.jpg
  2. The picture is great! thank you! :heart:its definitely my kind of fun! I guess it won't be just US$1 a try?? Oh well....a girl can dream....:lol:
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  3. It's an intriguing picture because the control panel looks like one of those impossible geometric shapes.
    The supporting pillar appears to be on the floor in the wrong place.
    (too far back for where the left side of the control panel meets the wall)
    I think from the reflections the panel is also behind the glass - so not interactive.
    Can you imagine the Birkin being picked up and accidentally dropped from a height!
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  4. Yeah, it's behind glass - display only. But can you imagine putting in your coin and taking your chance?!:eek:
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  5. :nuts: :tup: :biggrin:
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  6. H at Crystals LV from a couple of weeks ago

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  7. Prague temporary store