Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

  1. Great sightings! But PUPPO! :nuts:
  2. These are really nice bags
  3. A gold 30b in Sydney H...she was buying a 25b black phw
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  4. Two classic!
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  5. I have an "acquaintance" I see occasionally. We used to take the same tennis classes years ago, but I only tend to see her when she is out with her husband at dinner (they seem to go out about as much as we do) and sometimes I run into them at H (often with them leaving with large boxes ).

    She must have the most outrageous bag collection; every time I see her it's a different bag! Oh, yes.....they are all exotic. I have to say I'm not really envious because it seems that she mostly carries B35s and I would never really want so much (and not that size) but it has become a running conversation with me and DH when we see them.

    Anyway a few days ago they were seated at the table next to us and I'm pretty sure it was blue Izmir phw. Stunning! This totally made the case for phw for me. Of course I can't take a picture, but I have also seen her carrying black, orange, a Bordeaux color (possibly rouge h?), and at least two others over the years. I wish she was a member here!
  6. IMG_1499569821.859117.jpg Gateway, TST, HK
  7. It looks like Rose Jaipur to me.
  8. Off topic but what is your approach for getting past the two bags rule in the airport (assuming you also have a carry on)? Do you have another bag that you put both the B and the Evie in when going through security? I go through some airports (JFK as an example) where the person doing the first check at pre-check strictly enforces the two bags only rule.
  9. Birkin 25 alligator shiny chartreuse on a lady in Lafayette Haussmann. She was too quick! Haha! But always love seeing and appreciating others beautiful bags :heart:
  10. At the California Academy of Science this weekend. Such a pretty color!

  11. There are two threads on this and I will find them. I WILL :P
  12. I think I have read them actually! But people are always uncovering new ways...or they are buying new bags!!!!!!!

    FYI that wasnt me in the UA lounge...
  13. LOL. I just saw that and thought "hey, I have that bag." Then I was like "oh crap, that's me."
  14. Luckily, you look absolutely fantastic!
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