Hermes Watch


Dec 13, 2005
Here are two that are available at bluefly now.

brown leather Tandem watch - 30% off - was originally $1,655 - now $1,158.

light grey-blue leather Nomade watch - was originally $1,650 - 30% off - now $1,155.

gigi leung

Feb 14, 2006

I think this watch get its name from the strap, which is Barenia favourite! :love: Barenia is the most coveted leather of Hermes! It's primarily used for making saddles, but also used for bags.

You wear this watch with a single piece of Barenia leather strap and a palladium metal stud. It's got a large square face & a cool, hip look! I love to wear this when I wear my Caramel Balenciaga City. You can buy different color straps to go with this watch ( Blue Jeans, Orange, Dark brown etc. ) The straps come in goat skin too!

You can also use Hermes twillys as watch strap on this watch! I was going to take some pics to show you how I wear it with twillys but my Digicam is flat now! :biggrin:


bizzy making jools
Jan 17, 2006
gigi leung said:

This one I think is a classic! Most Kelly watch models come with a Kelly watch strap, but I bought the model that comes with a Barenia clochette which I wear as a necklace. ( I love Barenia! :love: )

Sometimes I'd wear just the watch on my Kelly or Birkin bag! :smile:

I LOVE LOVE your watches. Never saw that stunning second one before.

I have a blue Kelly with gold hardware. I've often wondered if people actually wear them with the clochette. Does the watch peek out when worn or is it in hiding? :lol: