Hermes Twilly Scarf on Bag?

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  1. Hi, I have recently bought a black epi gemeaux bag, which is very similar to the Croisette. It looks slightly big on me and i am thinking of tying a scarf on the handles to kind of 'break up' the structured shape and soften the look. I saw the Hermes Twilly scarf (a long thin scarf) which is quite affordable and am thinking of getting it. Anyone has experiences of using this twilly scarf or have tied other scarfs on their bags? Thanks so much. I am a scarf novice!:shame:

    Gemeaux bag Link:

    Hermes Scarf Link:
  2. No personal experience, but I like your match-up!
  3. I had that one but returned it in favour of the blue one of Un Jardin sur le Nil and they are both gorgeous.
    They would update your bag quite nicely and feel very summer-y!
  4. well, i wasn't thinking of getting that particular design. I will probably go into an hermes store and see what they have... i think i may be spoilt for choice!
  5. I have 2 twilly scarves that I occassionally tie to my various handbags. They are really cute and functional...sometimes I tie them in my hair, wear them as a handband, or bracelet.
  6. That would look pretty together :love: Beautiful bag and scarf!
  7. I have a pink Hermes twilly that I use to tie on my darker bags. Works great! You may want to look for one that will contrast with your bag color.
  8. I think that scarf is beautiful, and would work wonderfully with that bag! I particularily love the scarf!! :smile:
  9. Definitely get a Twilly! Hermes originally conceived of them as ribbons to make bows to tie around your handbag.
  10. That is a cute scarf ...and bag
  11. Tihs might help:smile:

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  12. holy OLD thread!!!
  13. ^ Yes, and I'm closing it because it's almost three years old! Holy moly.
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