Hermes trim vs. Gucci bouvier

  1. Hey all, i was at the Hermes boutique and the SA (who was rude actually to me) mentioned that the Hermes trim bag was the one that Jackie O made famous. I asked her about whether the Gucci Bouvier was the one that Jackie made famous... she almost guffawed that I dare mention another designer's name in the boutique. she hestitated then said loudly that gucci copied hermes.

    does anyone know which came first?

    by the way the trim's leather is sooooo beautiful. but unless you're a hermes connosieur, can you tell it's an hermes and dropped $4k for the 31cm bag? i didn't buy it, i couldn't give her the commission after her rudeness, but i'm still inclined towards it.
  2. First, do you love that bag? If you don't love it (or you prefer the Gucci) don't get it.

    Then, the SA sounds really rude. This shouldn't put you off Hermes though because as the ladies on the forum would attest, there are some great SAs there.

    I would definitely get a Trim because of the quality of the leather and craftmanship are impeccable. Definitely more durable than a Gucci.
  3. So sorry...that SA was really rude! :sad: The Trim came first but no reason to be snobby about it. :shrugs: Find another SA and get that gorgeous Trim!!! :graucho:
  4. Agree w/Perja & CB. The silhouette of the Trim is longer than the Bouvier and overall is just better crafted. I highly recommend it in a soft leather like Clemence because it just molds to your body. The Trim is definitely not one of the more recognizable styles from Hermes, but I don't care. It's a lovely bag and will last longer than the Bouvier for sure. I love this bag!
  5. hmmm, there might be 2 questions here. to the question in your sentence, i can answer yes, an owner of an hermes bag knows every time they look at or hold or touch their bag that their purse is of exceptional quality. that's how hermes ruins you for other purses.
    i have a totally unknown hermes bag. it gets zero recognition out and about. no one would ever guess how much it costs, but that might be due to most people not sharing the value that a bag ought to cost that to begin with. lol
    i get no status points whatsoever with this bag, but yes, everytime i wear it i am aware that i am holding something of great value - the leather is incredible - i've never seen anything like it - the color is unique/distinctive - and the fact that it was hand-stitched, it's kind of incredible. i value it very much.
    so reading between the lines, and maybe it's not even there, and i'm misinterpretting it, i would add that no, others will not know that you dropped 4k for the bag.
  6. ^ I have an article that clarifies that the bag Jackie used to arry was indeed an Hermes Trim. I'll try and dig it up later today.
  7. Unfortunately there are times when an unruly Hermes SA forgets all decorum...I am sorry that they were rude. I once witnessed two SA's talking about another customer and reported it to the manger of the store. I told her that the behavior exhibited by the two SA's diminished the store's credibility with it's customers. If they were like that to one...perhaps they are like that to all. The manager was my SA...she had been promoted two years previously. She asked me what I would like her to do. I told her to put herself in the ridiculed customer shoes. They must have tested her patience because they were both let go within a month.

    As for the bag, look around...if this is your first Hermes your homework on the styles, colors and leathers...(the Hermes Reference Library is useful here)..then choose. I say go back and make that SA show you every bag your little heart desires.

    The Trim, is to me a very recognizable Hermes Bag. There are those famous photos of Jackie wearing the Trim with her sister Lee in Capri during the '60s. The Trim is the genuine article. I apologize for taking up so much space, but it infuriates me when I here about people being made to feel small...for any reason.
  8. I'm sorry that SA was rude. No excuse for that at all.
    I have a Trim and it's one of the most beautiful, practical bags I've ever had. Definitly check it out!
  9. I'm so sorry you were treated that way by the SA. Sadly, this kind of thing does happen from time to time at Hermes. I don't understand why it does though. Don't let that stop you from getting a gorgeous Trim. Find another SA who is deserving of the commission.
  10. Hey Grand, i hope you can find the article! it seems that gucci is staking its claim that Jackie carried its bag, hence the bouvier bag.

    The SA was rude, and i could tell the moment i walked in b/c i was standing next to two women shopping together and she asked if they wanted help but didn't ask me. i didn't care really b/c i hate pushy SAs and i like to browse first before asking questions. plus the fact that other PFers have had some sour experiences made me not feel so bad.

    the more i think of the bag i saw, the more i want it. but i'm a newbie so this would be my first hermes. and i like that it's a shoulder bag not just hand held. i'm waiting for some years to pass before i aim for the birkin or kelly since i have three kids under the age of 4 and for me, i need a shoulder bag.
  11. I love the trim- it's on my short list ;) Don't concern yourself over the Gucci vs. Hermes stuff though- get the one YOU like best!
  12. My SIL has 2 trims,black and rouge H. Before I had any Hermes bags, I generally carried LV. I distinctly remember drooling over her black trim. The leather was richer than any bag I had ever seen...I remember thinking that, but still did not want to go to the dark side.... You can tell it's quality if you have any experience with designer handbags imo. The style is classic, you cannot go wrong, imo.
  13. BH - I just bought a 31cm Barenia Trim yesterday. they are one of the lovliest shoulder bags ever, in my opinion! Sits SO snug under your arm, and they are impeccably contructed - if you do decide to go for it, you won't regret it!
    So, what colour/size/skin were you thinking of?

    By the way, I haven't had time to find that article, but I will soon.........I have two babies myself, and busy is an understatment!! LOL!!
  15. ^ Barienia comes in a few colours: natural (that's what my Trim is in) black, ebene (I think), some brighter colours, too, but it's at it's lovliest in natural, in my opinion.

    I saw a vert anis trim in chevre mysore once - breathtaking! I wish I had bought it!