Hermes Tibet in Orange

  1. Does anyone know if the H Tibet Messenger bag is or has ever been available in orange? I just came from a luxury resale shop that has been stocking a lot of Hermes lately and they had one.. Snapped a pic with my cellphone, but it didn't come out properly. It was priced at $3,200.00 USD - I am very interested, but other members seemed weary of a brief they were selling due to the blind stamp.. If anyone has information on this bag I would be extemely thankful if you could share your knowledge :confused1:
  2. Dunno but Bumping for you ^
  3. I've seen it in black and red so far, it's possible that it came in orange. The price you quoted is about right for a PM from the store. It also comes in GM but am not certain about the price. The few I have seen were in clemence. HTH.