Hermes Solde Japan!

  1. I just got an invitation to attend the Hermes Sale to be held in Japan. I assume they must not be as selective in whom they invite since I haven't bought that many stuff directly from them.

    Interestingly the sale is not held at the Hermes boutique but at a hall! Has anybody attneded one of these Hermes sales in Japan? I assume that it must be a madhouse....
  2. GO WILD, TG!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  3. tokyogirl
    have no idea...
    if you attended let us know:biggrin:
  4. I don't have any hopes that there will be any bags. The invitation specifically states that the sale will be principally clothes...

    Unlike La Van's sale invitation where it was hand written, my invitation is clearly produced as part of mass mailing.

    Ohter interesting note, only two people per invitation, no returns/exchanges and request for *no children* since they anticipate it being a madhouse!
  5. Bring your running shoes and go, go, go!!!
  6. Go in your underware so you don't have to waste time taking off clothes to try on!
  7. hmm.. i wonder if little dogs are allowed? j.k., i couldn't resist!:P
  8. :lol: :roflmfao:
  9. I just can't imagine women in Japan trying on stuff in the aisles, of course that wouldn't stop me!:roflmfao: