Hermes Scarves

  1. Two questions:

    1. Are they only sold at the Hermes stores, or are there other authorized dealers?

    2. Do they ever go on sale?

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. In the US, I believe Neiman Marcus sells them. I'm not sure if they go on sale.
  3. Neiman Marcus also sells Hermes scarves. Scarves sometimes go "on sale" at the New York, London, and Paris (etc) Hermes sales, which happen like twice a year, you'll see them there, they have an "S" stamp on them identifying that they are sale items. But you won't ever see them "On Sale" at a boutique or online or anything. I wish! :smile:
  4. Every year or two in the Spring, the Toronto Hermes store holds an event, tied to a charity, where they sell scarves at a discounted price. An invitation notice is sent out in advance if they are holding it.

  5. This sounds like a win-win situation to me!!
  6. Yes it is!!! I have it on my list to visit the store in a few months to inquire if they plan to hold the event again this year. Some years they do, others they don't. My SA told me once that it's up to the decision of Paris. The event is not held in the store BTW.
  7. ^^^

    I wish Paris would tell my store to hold a charity event... haha.
  8. Thanks girls for the info!
  9. You can also purchase "pre-owned" scarves (though some are apparently in new condition) from Some are less than retail.
  10. I was at neiman today, the woman told me this scarf I had to have was on sale. It never rung up discounted there anyway to check?