Hermes Scarfs! ;)

  1. I just went into Neimans... and was walking around... and BOOM!

    I saw the two most gorgeous scarfs! They are so springy!

    If someone can help me watermark them, I can post pictures of my new 2 Hermes scarfs and my entire Scarf collection hehe ;) I have tons hehehe
  2. I'm afraid I can't help with watermarking but I can't wait to see your pics!!! I have become sooo addicted to hermes scarves!
  3. Do you have photoshop? If you do just water mark them with a 'new layer' and then merge.
  4. I just figured out how to do it!

    On to the pics:

  5. FABULOUS! Congrats!
  6. Wow, those are gorgeous! Perfect for spring. Love the butterflies! Congrats!
  7. Thanks a lot! ;)
    They just FELT so springy! :biggrin:
  8. How fresh and lovely those scarves look, congratulations
  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    Congrats. They really are perfect for spring.
  10. Beautiful! So perfect and fresh for spring!:heart:
  11. Perfect for spring, congrats!
  12. It's a grey day in New England, and the sight of those colorful scarves is just what I needed to brighten things up.
  13. They're so pretty! I especially love the one with the butterflies.
  14. Thanks ;)
  15. BEAUTIFUL, frnc1z!!!!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!