***Hermes Riding in the Passenger Seat***

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  1. Beautiful blue color!
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  2. Geranium Kelly with Couvertures Nouvelles twilly on the train with me today. AN_K_train.jpg
  3. Here's Ms Magnolia on her first car ride 20181102_104758.jpg
  4. The twillys match your Magnolia Lindy and the strap so well.
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  5. IMG_3697.jpg
    Evi RC with Bearn in rouge vif ostrich
    The key chain is special edition petit H from Lisboa where sardines are kind of national food. Reminds me always of a lovely weekend there.
  6. Went to drop off my ballot today with Ms. Bolide riding along.

  7. So pretty. You paired it with the perfect twillies.
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  8. Thank you ladies!
  9. Running errands today with Ms Evie!
  10. Wow!!! Now that's a stunning vintage piece!
  11. I scrolled down these photos more than once. I felt like I was looking at a garden of wild flowers....one stunning color after another!
  12. My passenger today is my Birkin in Vert Fonce, love this color for fall and winter IMG_4407.jpg
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  13. IMG_1541795549.403472.jpg

    Mini Evelyn Togo blackZ
  14. IMG_1541880286.285621.jpg

    SO B40 orange gold GHW.
  15. Your post made me scroll down the screen again and you're absolutely correct. We've a variety of beautiful colors here ! That is why we all love H so much !
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