***Hermes Riding in the Passenger Seat***

  1. She is Gorgeous! What kind of leather is this? Togo or Clemence?
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  2. Thanks! It's Togo but I think she's gonna be slouchy like Clemence.
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  3. I love It! I recently saw the most gorgeous bag. It was a Black birkin either 25 or 30.. and it was so slouchy and effortless! I was Dumbfounded by how beautiful it looked. The lady carrying it was an impeccably dressed older woman, and it was the perfect contrast. I had Never considered a Clemence because of the slouchy factor, but this bag made me want one so bad! Enjoy your bag! It is gorgeous!
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  4. Thanks, again. I have a Clemence B35 that isn't slouchy at all. So you never know.
  5. interesting! Especially since I’ve now fully convinced myself i need a b25 slouchy Clemence :lol:
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  6. C80C4788-9B65-4E89-888D-A8C5AEE859CD.jpeg BB688232-CF55-4282-86CF-D6C64085BAD6.jpeg
    Going stealth today as Ms Kelly makes her first car ferry trip.
  7. Going for coffee with my Ms B

  8. Oh that color is so gorgeous!!:love:
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  9. Out running errands with my baby Gris T b. Can’t get enough of the rose gold hardware

  11. RC is amazing!
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  12. In Halloween-mood IMG_3593.jpg
  13. Twins! Love this bag
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  14. Yay love this!! Happy Halloween!
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