***Hermes Riding in the Passenger Seat***

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  2. Truly special ! I've never seen RGHW on a B before. Got to ask for that next time.
  3. They recently began to introduce this hardware! I saw it on a Birkin Touch a few months ago.
  4. So far I see only birkin touch, gris tourterelle and blue nuit with rose gold hardware. But hopefully soon with more colors too. It’s such a feminine touch to the bag!
  5. I think I’ve seen black out in the wild too.
  6. My SA in Paris told me two years ago it was coming. Sure took it's sweet time. :biggrin:
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  7. IMG_3638.jpg
    My lovely 70‘s croc with a colliers de chiens twilly and a mini dog carrées strap.
  8. On my way to work . . .
  9. Lovely color! Could you tell us the name?
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  10. ...I think it’s blue encre...


    (My girl likes chocolate)
  11. So beautiful! What size may I ask?
  12. K25
  13. Oh my! Stunning!! :heart:
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  14. Bleu encre is amazing! Such a perfect blue!
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  15. Yes it is Bleu encre
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