Hermes: Random Acts of Kindness RAOK exchange

  1. As mentioned in the Secret Santa Reveal Thread, we talked about continuing on with an exchange with the theme being "Random Acts of Kindness." The idea is not about spending lots o' moola, but about being a friend and giving your person something to look forward too. The end date will be March 1st, and we will decide than if we want to continue/redraw or whatnot.

    The exchange will be ongoing. You are encouraged to send small items randomly over the next few months to your RAOK buddy. *Ideas for items: Their favorite candy bar/snack, a gossip magazine, a book by their favorite author, your favorite poem, veggiemite, a card, booze, something to cheer them up if you notice they are down.
    **note: Wong you are prohibited from sending videotapes of your coochie coo dance. unless you draw me.
    The Rules:
    You must be an active participant of the Hermes Forum with 500 posts or 5 months membership on TPF. There will of course be exceptions- feel free to PM me.
    Have fun! The most important thing to remember is that these are Random Acts of Kindness for another person.

    To Participate:
    PM me, Ms Anastasia Beaverhausen with your email & address if you'd like to participate. For those of you already signed up, no need to PM me.
  2. Ms. Beaverhausen...VEGGIMITE???:wtf: :push: :yucky: I thought these were supposed to be random acts of KINDNESS!!!:shrugs: :lol:
  3. Since it was random, I put a surprise CD Rom, with all my best coochie coo dance moves, in the post for Ms Beaverhausen. I thought it might help with the pole dancing moves she's always trying to improve.
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: , too much!:nuts:
  5. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. *sigh* :confused1: I was just about to ship out two cases of Veggiemite to you.

  7. :wtf: :shocked: .....................................:sos:
  8. In a random act of kindness to Avan, I'll take them off her hands..... :p
  9. Oh, thank you...:love: :tender: :cutesy: :flowers: , you saved me from having to do "random acts" on Ms. Beaverhausen:sweatdrop:
  10. You're welcome. ;)

    Although the quotations around "random acts" esp in relation to Anistasia's last name, has me wondering exactly what sort of random acts you'll be performing... :wtf: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Well, :s , I have not thought it out that far in advance, yet,... :search: ... :lol::shocked:
  12. hence, the saved me:smile:
  13. You guys are killing me's VEGEMITE! No I, One G. Sheesh. Lol. And I'll take the 2 cases - do you think you can throw in some Pecks Paste?
  14. ......and Tim Tams.......MMMMMMMMMMM....Tim Tams *aghahhghhghghhghlllll*
  15. Tim Tams = yum!!
    Vegemite = :throwup:

    Oh I feel soooo unAustralian.