Hermes Pullman

  1. Could one of you Hermes professors give me some background on the vintage Pullman bag? I've seen very few of these and wonder how much they command etc. Many thanks for your expertise!
  2. All I can find with the name Pullman are H watches. I´m not familiar with a bag called that, sorry!
  3. I have a vintage croc Pullman bag from 1959. I bought it on eBay a couple of years ago; I had never heard of it before, but I liked it.....I took it to my H store, and the manager and SA's were very interested, and none of them had ever seen one before! I sent it to the spa, and it came back much shinier.....They come up occasionally on eBay, but not often. Here's a pic of mine:
    b (5).JPG
  4. That is a great handbag:heart: I have seen a couple here and there on E bay.
  5. Duna that´s exquisite! I remember seeing that, just didn´t attach the name to it, thank you!
  6. Duna, that's a beautiful handbag.
    It kind of has a Kelly-esque quality to it. :smile:
  7. Duna,

    I saw your bag in the archives and I'm really covetous of it! It's so elegant; is it 32cm? So the Hermes people hadn't seen it much/ever before? I wonder when they stopped making it? Does yours have a date stamp? Many thanks!
  8. Thanks, Royceag! I would say it's closer to 30cm than 32. I think they stopped producing it in the early 1960's. I think only in Paris, at the Mothership they'll probably have more info about it. To be honest, I haven't looked in mine for a date stamp; I was told by the lady who sold it to me, that she took it to Hermès in London, and was told by the craftsmen there that it was from 1959: maybe they knew where to look for the date stamp! That's all I know about it I'm afraid! I've seen several pics of the Duchess of Windsor carrying a black one!
  9. Thanks Duna!
  10. Duna,

    This is one classic, under the radar bag!! It's beautiful, and you are lucky to have such a treasure...