Hermes Men's RTW SS2008 (YouTube)

  1. Nice, but just nice i cant see myself shelling the big bucks for such simple designs
  2. I'm kind of disappointed... I thought I'd be seeing Bryanboy in a fashion vid....
  3. Study the colours .... it gives very good indication of the scheme of colours coming out for SS2008. The new colours in leathers will always complement the colours in RTW.
  4. Men's croc belt. Anyone want to guess what colour this is?
    croc belt.jpg
  5. LOVE these looks, not sure if i can pull them off
  6. I have to admit, I love the look of the scarves on the men. My store has been emphasizing the scarves in lieu of the ties. I rather like it. Buck the trend, I say. Be different!
  7. Very clean lines and looks very understated. I like it!
  8. Graphite?? :shrugs:
  9. ^ i looks a touch brown but it maybe the lighting i was going to guess graphite as well. or an exclusive color for the runway
  10. Dam i wish i had a long neck so i could pull off neck scarfs I'm really getting into the look but i don't think it will suit me is that a scarf or pouchette around his neck in that shot?
  11. I kind of think this is a new SS2007 colour. Etoupe? Gris Tourterelle? Am I wrong?

  12. would it be Adroise?
  13. I :heart: Hermes RTW.

    It is just so simple and chic. So Parisian.

    I've tried to do the whole scarf instead of a tie but I don't think SoCal, not the person the region, is not ready for it. I'll try it up in the Bay!