Hermes loot... Pics included

  1. First i would like to thank the ladies of Tpf that helped me decide on the color of my first Evelyne. You guys were a wonderful help !

    Here she is Ms. Gris T Everlyne and other purchases that i could not help making :yahoo:
  2. congrats!! happy you went with gris! love the scarf and twilly. that 70 cm is one of my faves!

    so what did you end up telling your dh?
  3. Congratulations! What fantastic choices you made. I love EVERYTHING!
  4. Oh, it looks like the usual suspects on this thread, lol.

    Congratulations on the new acquisitions - gris tortourelle is a lovely colour. And the 70x70 Omnibus is just gorgeous. Wonderful choices, each and every one of them.
  5. :roflmfao:

    ie, Prepare for party or hijack: Pretty much the same thing either way.
  6. Absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!
  7. He still does not know :shame:.My plan is to just wear it and if he ask tell him the truth . Hoping he will never notice :graucho:

    I really love this color its so versatile!
  8. No, we couldn't/shouldn't.

    Can't do that to a newbie. Scare her right away. And just as she's celebrating those lovely new things. We'll hijack somewhere else. :p
  9. Great choices all! Congrats and wear them all in good health!
  10. Hmmm if you hijack then i will not have to think of an excuse for my DH:push: .
  11. Congrats and may I say I love that you did not torment us for hours, you just came right out with it. Thank you. Beautiful
  12. Exquisite!!!!
  13. Gorgeous! And beautiful accessories too! Congratulations!
  14. Congratulations !!!! beautiful beautiful Evelyne, can't wait till some in action pictures :smile: and love your scarves too.
  15. by usual suspects you mean major loudmouths right?