Hermes London Today

  1. Hi ladies,

    I flew into London today and went straight to the London branch. No birkins to be found but a lot of garden party totes and barenias.

    They are also opening a large store in a couple of days. One floor of the existing stores was filled with shipments of orange boxes. The SAs tell me that they don't know if Birkins are part of the shipment but that they think they will get some for the store opening.

    It's good they're opening a larger store b/c the existing one is pretty small.
  2. Which one of the London branches did you go?
    Can you tell us where they are opening up a new store? Would be nice to get a Birkin :yes:
  3. Where's their new location?? or is it kind of expanding existing boutique??
  4. ^^^Yes, I'm interested to know where this new store is, since I'll be going to London in the Spring.....

  5. Barenia!!! As in barenia bags? What sort? :nuts:
  6. I think it's the one on Sloane St. I was also in there today and they were indeed packing up. I carried on walking up towards Harvey Nics and saw a larger store with Hermes signage but empty, so I guess they're moving into this one.
  7. Yes, that's right!
  8. I was in the Sloane Street branch last Friday, they had a Ebene (not sure if that is the right spelling) 32cm Kelly in there. I enquired about a watch and they never mentioned anything about moving:confused1: . Does anybody know the date the new store is opening, it may be one of the only chances of getting a birkin in this country. I have been trying to get on the wait list for 2 years and whenever i ask they tell me it is closed.
  9. I'm still waiting for the answer on Serenity Sue's question ..... BARENIA, WHAT BARENIA??????
  10. '

    Hi there, I'm sorry I don't remember all the colors. I'll find out next week if I go back to the store.
  11. Toreilly, u must try to get info on when the store opening. Not for me but for others here who're in London or may travel to London just in time for the opening to get their 1st birkin or the 2nd/3rd/etc.:yes: U're helping many people here.:smile: I'm thinking London will stock a lot of neutrals; browns, chocolates, blacks, gold, barenias, oranges, BJs coz' Londoners, hmm, not very bold on carrying bright birkins? :confused1: i only see lots of blacks & browns when i go to London.:yes: Rose dragee, i think may be available since the color is the 'in' thing now. Lindys, Medor clutch.:rolleyes: :yes:
  12. Ladies calm down LOL .... I'm afraid the store openings do not bring a surplus supply of available Birkins, it just doesn't work like that.

    At the opening of their new refurbished stores, they may occasionally have 1 or two Birkins on display that are already sold but just left on show for the opening ... the same happens when they have evening events.

    On very rare occasions and I mean, very rare! they may have an available Birkin, but the SA's would usually call all their regular clients first to see if there is any interest, if not, it would be a case of first through the door once they open (and even then the SA can still use the line *sorry it is just for display, it is already sold).

    I am sure other Hermès models will be available and perhaps, if you are lucky, the odd Kelly, but not Birkins.

    As for the waiting list, just because the Sloane Street store is going to be bigger (they have already done this with their Royal Exchange branch) does not mean that the stores quota for Birkin orders will increase, therefore they may not be able to take a higher quota of orders - I expect their RTW section will be expanding.

    Another thing, sorry to put a dampner on things, but you have to be invited to the store opening which is usually a canapes and champagne kind of event(usually starts after closing time) to be in with any kind of shout and the invites are sent from their central office where the guests are individually selected on what they have purchased before!

    At least it will be a nice new, larger store and hopefully with more choice on all their products.
  13. Don't worry, girls. Even if there isn't a flood of excess birkins at the new store, regulars still stand as good a chance as before of finding one eventually. I don't even live in London full time, but on the second, third and fourth times I stopped in at Sloane Street to say hi to my SA, I was ushered off to be shown a couple of birkins and kellys. They rarely have that many, but when they do, if you have developed a good relationship with a SA, you may get to see what there is on offer.
  14. This is very good advice, gina! I do think relationships are what it's all about!
  15. Yes, Flossy, what u said is quite true. But it depends coz' at the Beijing Store Opening, there's a couple of birkins/kellies on display. Plus when I went to Korea Hermes Maison Opening, they have a couple of birkins up for grabs.

    Yes, this kind of opening requires some form of invitations but I remember reading a thread here on tpf where a lady went to H store opening without any invitation & reported about a couple of H bags on display. She managed 2 get 1 herself, a birkin and talk about a man who went in only for a few minutes to buy a birkin, then went off by helicopter. Happen 2 be, another tpf member here is a SA at the H store opening which the lady went to.:confused1: