Hermes Lindy or Bottega Montaigne?

  1. Need some input on this one. I'm on the hunt for a leather work bag. Currently I'm carrying an old grey Kenneth Cole nylon messenger bag for work and it doesn't work with my wardrobe since I'm in suits. It has now come down between the rose dragee Lindy 34cm or the dark pink BV Montaigne that I special ordered.

    I don't know which to get. Lindy seems to have a much better compartment and is more functional, but I'm somewhat concerned about the light color and the swift leather (only want pink and I'm not a clemence fan). It's also twice the price as the BV. However, it's definitely a lot more functional and versatile.

    The BV Montaigne in dark pink was a no-obligation special order for me. It's got good compartments as well but not as good as the Lindy. However, it's about half the price as the Lindy and I've waited two years for BV to come out with pink, which they may not do again for a long time, if ever.

    What would you ladies get?
  2. Can you get both?
  3. Oddly, I say the BV, lol! If you've been waiting for it to come out, *and* you need a work bag, I think this is the best bet, because I would be pretty paranoid to use an Hermes as a work bag every day, AND have it in a light color :s Though I may be a bit biased, as I may/may not have been ogling the BV Montaigne bag in Magnolia online the other day :whistle:
  4. I would get the Lindy. This is simply based on the fact that I do not think that BV would stand up in comparison. I know that BV is highly acclaimed and has wonderfully soft leathers but my mom has had a few that just did not hold up and for the price they are charging I expect more. Also the resale factor for the Lindy would be better as I note that BV do not do well on eBay.
  5. ^^^ Although I agree with what Gazoo says, I like the BV Montaigne better....
  6. Hmmm. I'm not a huge fan of the Lindy so my vote goes to the BV. :smile:
  7. Get the BV. The Lindy is just UGH! Imagine that, you're saving half the price of a Lindy towards your other bags! Besides, the Lindy is terribly impractical to get in and out of when you're wearing it. That little closure would damage the leather around it in no time if you're manipulating it.

    Not to mention the disgusting colour it'll be in a few months with that white-ish pink...
  8. Just checked out the BV on another site....very pretty!

    I really like both and both are pretty colors. I imagine they may both be fragile. Love the price of the BV vs. Hermes, however.

    I would make sure to see the Lindy IRL first, Kou...the 34 may be big (what size is Naomi's orange one...does anyone know?). Only get it if you LOVE it! Hermes regrets are HUGE regrets! :s
  9. BV :love:
  10. here's a pic of the montaigne for those who don't know what it looks like (like me)


    i don't know how they compare size-wise but the bv looks like a better work bag than the lindy
  11. The BV color looks a little more year round than Rose Dragee.
  12. I just want to clarify that the BV i ordered is in the Quarzo (dark pink) color and not the Magnolia (light pink) color. Normally it would've cost 30% more but they were able to get the order in during the trunk show so I get it at a cheaper price. You guys don't think dark pink will be too shocking?

    I think if I get a Lindy, I'll probably want to try to get it in goat or ostrich ... But they don't make the bags in those leathers right nowh.
  13. Do you have a picture of the dark pink???
  14. BV gets my vote
  15. I would go with the BV.