Hermes Kelly Wallet TO-GO

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  1. Hello! Besides the iPhone, could a pack of tissues and small compact and lipgloss fit in? I have a Constance 18 and wonder if I ‘need’ a Kelly to Go wallet although I do want one very much :biggrin: thank you
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  2. Hi Daosabao, I have not tried putting iPhone, Tissues and Lip gloss all in at the same time. I suppose should be fine.
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  3. Wow that’s amazing capacity!
  4. I want one! I love the strap.
  5. Price is mentioned in the initial post here. ;)
    @renet shared it, which @momoc kindly linked to here. :flowers: Reposting the interior of the wallet to this thread.
    "As you can see, there are only 4 card slots and a zipper compactment. A iPhone 11 Pro Max can fit in it, but usually I do not fit any handphone in my wallet."
  6. Thanks @Meta! :flowers:
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  7. Thanks for posting this. I saw the posts in the other thread you linked to. But it's nice that this bag/wallet has its own thread so it can be discussed as more people get their hands on it and share info, even mod shots.

    Does anyone know when these are supposed to be available in the US boutiques? I have an itch to shop but would like to time it to this release so I can pick up several items in one trip.
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  8. They’ve already arrived in some stores in the US. Best to call your SA and inquire about availability.
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  9. I went to the store on Wed and my SA said they will be arriving very soon (as in a week or two). Maybe they already got some as she told me in Jan that it would be in Feb but because I am not the VVIP, I am not getting one from the first batch (hopefully I will get one soon though as my SA has already got me two Mini Lindy's so far and offered me the Kelly bag charm which I didn't take).
  10. That's quite a loot I'm not VIP or VVIP either. 1-2 bags per year is what I can swing in Hermes unless I give up other brands lol. So I guess I'll wait til March-ish to stop by but will text my SA to see what I'm told?
  11. I think that the way to go

    I actually have given up on other bags to finance my Hermes purchases
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  12. #27 Feb 16, 2020 at 2:03 PM
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2020 at 3:14 PM
    When I was in Lisbon and Schiphol airport in late January and early February, I was told that they didn’t receive one, as well.
    In a H boutique in de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, the SA told me he only saw one before and it was sold. Besides of Kelly wallet to go, I also asked for a mini lindy. The SA in Lisbon asked me to go back 4 days later, it was unfortunate that I would be in Porto at that time, and I didn’t want to rearranged my schedule for a surprise that was not sured existing or not... (Please tell me I have made the right decision.:P)
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