Hermes Kelly Blind Stamp missing Circle?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone ever seen a Hermes Kelly blind stamp with missing the circle/square? I just purchased this Kelly for personal use from eBay and it comes with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY from bababebi. I don't doubt her but I have other vintage Hermes but have never seen one with missing circle in the blind stamp like this one-missing circle for the V blind stamp.

    Thank you very much for any input.

  2. Looks very nice for 1992, you might take It to H spa anyway so they might tell you more. V without circle might be 1966 but then it wouldn't have the strap I suppose and sellers confirms 1992. You might ask Bababebi if this happens often, it's interesting!
  3. Thank you, Pourquoipas. Yeah that is very uncommon to see a missing circle and Bababebi confirmed that is 1992 but she didn't offer any other explanations. She was not very helpful with the details, just stated that refer to her certificate. I will take it to H spa but just curious to see if any H lover has seen this before.
  4. So I asked Bababebi one question, have she seen this before, the missing circle? And she wants me to pay $60 for the service before she answers it. The seller already paid for the certificate of authenticity for the same item from her! WOW!
  5. Thanks for your post; we don't comment on what makes a bag authentic or not, which includes craftsman's stamps as this info can make counterfeiters' work easier.

    Closing this; thanks for your understanding.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.