Hermes iPhone case

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  1. I picked up the Hermes iPhone case in orange a few weeks ago. I'm VERY HAPPY with it! I had the Louis Vuitton graphite damier case but returned it in favor of this. :yahoo: Second picture shows the phone lit. Pretty cool!
  2. Congratulations!!
  3. They are very hard to find, I own a white and a bluejean. Waiting for the new pink.
  4. ooh i love that!! would it fit the blackberry storm or the new blackberry curve? (i have both)
  5. Very cool I didn't know they made one!
  6. Yes I have a Ciel one, orange inside. Beautiful!
  7. OMG...didn't know they make one of this.......I wuld love to own one of these too, is it still available in the store i wonder.

    This little guy is lovely, Congrats for your great find!!~
  8. love the color..enjoy
  9. Congrats, good choice! You're my son's iPhone case twin; mine is terre with orange lining. I LOVE IT!
    Thanks for posting the pics - nice!
  10. I think you should wait for abit... they're making BB cases come a/w
  11. Congrats LV MILLIONAIRE, the Orange case is so pretty, and I didn't know it comes in so many different colors, would love to see them here, could the pfers who own them post the pics here for us to drool ? :P
    Thank you :flowers:
  12. I have one in blue jean with orange interior and I got one for my mother in etoupe with etoupe lining. They're great, aren't they?

    Enjoy your new iPhone case. :smile:
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone! I waited three months to get these cases for my girlfriend and I. If anyone is interested, South Coast Plaza had one pink and one etoupe color as of last Sunday. They're VERY hard to find. Enjoy!
  14. congrats on the treasure hunt! so pretty~
  15. Congrats on your case cover :smile:

    I have a black case with orange interior. The black leather is smooth evergrain (I think - it's a bit like box or stiff swift) and the inside is orange chèvre leather. From Nice Hermès - they have an orange one too.