Hermes in your hair.

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  1. I'm thinking of starting to use my scarves in my hair, especially since in autumn it becomes windier here.

    When you wear Hermes in your hair or "on" it do you worry about hair product -- straightening balm, hairspray, etc. getting on your scarf?
  2. I wear them on my head and in my hair a lot but I don't use any products, I think I prob would worry if I did. Even when I wear a scarf round my neck I only put perfume elsewhere.
  3. I wear them in my hair quite a bit, but, like papertiger, I don't use hair product
  4. I wear my scarves in my hair all the time! But I never use hair product though.
  5. I wear them in my hair too, but always use bobby pins at the base or they will slip off, unless you have the cotton scarves. I dont use product either.
  6. Needed pins on back to keep it on though

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  7. ^^ so chic!!

    I wear my twilly in my hair sometimes but always put it on post hairspray. I don't see any build up or residue on it.
  8. Wow love the look!
  9. I don't wear hair products and I wear them only when Its windy and they look very nice darling
  10. wow, TT, you look fabulous and chic!
  11. I second that! :tup:

    Sometimes in the winter I wear a 90 cm ala Grace Kelly in "To Catch A Thief" - (although I think I probably look more like Thelma and Louise) :smile:
  12. Nice look, TT! I wear scarves in my hair quite often, especially in the summer. I don't use hair products - I think I'd be nervous about getting stuff on my scarves if I did. I don't need bobby pins or anything to hold the scarves, but I have thick hair.