Hermes in Neiman Marcus

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  1. Does anyone know which NM carries H bags? I know most of them carry the scarves, watches, and fragrances. But which ones actually carry the bags?
  2. A few stores do have in store boutiques that carry the bags. The one in Chevy Chase at Mazza Gallerie, for one. I dont think they do too well with Hermes in that store however. I go there maybe once every couple of months and see the same stuff on the shelves. There are probably a lot of reasons. They never have birkin or kelly bags and the sales staff is very poorly informed. One of them informed me that swift was a color which was only available in rigide kelly bags. She also told me that barenia and natural vache were the same thing. Plus, they are competing with a local Hermes store in Northern Virginia that is absolutely fabulous and has great inventory as well as terrific salespeople.
  3. That's a shame. I didn't even realize that NM even carried H bags till I read one of the threads. Just curious.
  4. I know my NM in Troy Michigan carries bags. They currently have some very lovely bags. You can call Lisa Hamlin--she is an absolute sweetie and will email pics. for you.
  5. Thanks emanu for the reference. I will give her a call.

    I was just wondering because I have a lovely SA at the Paramus NJ store who usually gets all my bags for me. I didn't realize the NM carried H bags. I'm going to harass her when I go back to the states next week.:graucho:
  6. Lisa is amazing! Jag introduced me to her and it was down hill from there (in a good way!)

    She really does go the extra mile and is so helpful.

  7. who do u usually go see in the vienna store, if you dont mind me asking? thanks
  8. Are they able to do SO's as well? Or is it just whatever inventory they have they sell?
  9. I have bought over the phone from the NM in Troy myself and deal with Lois -- who is also wonderful!!
  10. I don't think they do any SO or Podium orders. Buyer of NM buys bags every season, and customers get what they ordered. Birkins and Kelly usually goes to VIP local customers, not to call-in/walk-in customers.

    Lisa at Troy MI is the BEST!!
  11. I will PM you.
  12. I was on a list for a black Birkin at the NM in Michigan and last year they called me with one which I regret I turned down! I put my order in there a few years ago so I don't know what their policy is now.
  13. ^^^Oh no!

    I'll have to chat with my SA and NM when I get home. If I find out anything I'll be sure to post it.
  14. I've dealt with both H boutiques at NM but Troy usually has the best inventory....both stores were very helpful..