Hermes From Govberg in PA

  1. Hello all-
    I made my first serious mistake as a buyer last month.I have been searching for a double tour strap for my Cape Cod...found one on eBay, made an offer, and bought it.

    Dumb me-it was too wide. They accept returns, and I sent the band back, priority,; they were going to check for the 14mm for me.

    I did not get a tracking number. Moron.

    It was sent 6/22. They claim they never received it...then I read their feedback, which is less than stellar. I know that it is absolutely possible that it was lost-I just strongly feel that it wasn't.

    I have never, never lost anything shipped priority. Are any of you ladies/gents from Philly? Govberg Jewelers is the name of the place.

    This is just a bit of a rant-I am to blame for no trackig nor insurance. Do I have ny eBay/Paypal recourse?
  2. Unless you can prove delivery confirmation, you don't have any claim..

    You have to rely upon the honesty of Govberg Jewelers

    You can try contacting pp/eBay.. if you paid by your credit card

    you an see what they suggest

    I would try contacting the jewelry store again & ask
  3. ^^ita
  4. I was actually able to call them...sure enough they decided they had it; they said it wasn't sent to anyone's attention, so they couldn't figure out where it came from. Sigh. Lesson learned. Tracking, insurance and signature confirmation.
  5. Congratulations! You are super lucky to have learned a lesson without any loss to you. You are right, next time...tracking and signature confirmation at the very least! :smile:

  6. No matter how costly the item is, wise to insure, tracking (on line)

    & signature conf..

    Glad this worked out:smile:
  7. Excellent that they're so honest.

  8. I'm glad that they tracked your return down. I'm in Philly and Govberg is a well know jewelery store.