HERMES Fall/Winter RAOK Gift Reveal!!

  1. Time to Reveal those gifts!
  2. Oooh, early aren't you?

    Actually, it's a good thing you set it up, because I got my first gift from Jag and HG a couple of days ago. The two sweeties got me a tee from the Pink Pussycat that reads "I poledance to pay the bills".

    I wore it out and about yesterday, and the reaction of random men was interesting. One guy almost choked on his pad thai as I went by an open concept thai cafe. LOL.

    On the other hand, the women didn't notice anything.

    So now we know at what level men's minds (and eyes) are on.:p
  3. I bought half of mine today....and gotta find the rest

    did some people get 2 budddies? lucky! (say it like Napoleon Dynamite)
  4. ^Sorry my bad.

    It was an unofficial RAOK from some buddies rather than on official one from my RAOK "buddy".
  5. i thought of one gift my buddy might like last night! :devil: I am SO excited! Now I have to find one, that is the only problem!
  6. Wrongnumber, Represent, don't have shame in your game11
    Haha I want that t-shirt, too!!! :kiss:
  7. LMAO at the poledancing shirt. I would pay to see you wearing that.
  8. That's the point. Oh wait, you said wearing it--not, not wearing it. My bad. :p
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Well, I'll take bids on both. Whichever is the higher, I'll do.

    After all, I do have bills to pay. :p
  11. My kind of girl ;)
  12. Uh, Wongy, you failed to mention the rest of your package..............
  13. he hehe heheh, you said package...hehehe
  14. Heh heh heh.

    You mean the kiwi lollipop??

    I was waving it around the gym locker room yesterday, and one of my friends was so tickled by it (figuratively, I might add) that I gave it to her.
  15. BWAH! You KNOW you meant literally.