Hermes Envelyn

  1. Hi~~
    I'm new to Hermes
    Was thinking to get a envelyn! Anyone know how much it will cost and what size they come in? Pix will be good I can see different style:confused1:
  2. Hi, and welcome to the Hermes forums (AKA the orange side!). Here is a thread that gives lots of pics of the Evelyne bags.
    I'm no expert on Evelynes, but I will share what I know.
    It comes in several different sizes, including the TPM (tres petit modele, very small), the PM (petit modele, small), and the GM (grand modele, larger). There may be a fourth size as well?
    The prices vary based on leather; the TPM is only available in Epsom and suede, I believe, while the others are available in different leathers.
    The TPM in Epsom is about $1400 USD, if I recall correctly.
  3. The evelyne PM and GM, and possibly the TGM, the Biggest one, also come in a II model. These have a pocket on the outside. In these, there are no pockets on the inside.

    The TPM comes with a leather strap permanently attached to the bag. The others come with a canvas strap with clips. The strap can be shortened with a scarf, for example.

    Good luck with your hunt for the Evelyne!!!
  4. How small is the TPM?
  5. The TPM is 7" by 7" I think? It's a good size for going out, or when you just need essentials like a cell phone, small wallet, keys and a compact & lipstick.

    Thank you, CobaltBlu, for adding the extra info on Evelyne IIs, which I completely forgot about. Heh.
  6. cynthiaNYC~~thank you for ur info~~realli appreciated~ do u know how much does it cost for PM in clemence leather
  7. I love my PM-I've always carried massive bags, and the Evelyne was my first attempt at downsizing...I get lots into it. Good luck, I know you will love it!!!! I think, also, that Luxury Zurich has one in a pretty color (can't remember whuch one!)
  8. I am also looking for a Evelyne bag too, and here are the prices in Hong Kong (which I think is similar to the px in the US) (USD1=USD7.78, please divide the below amounts by 7.78, you will get the USD equivalent):

    PM2 (with a pocket at the back of the bag, but without compartment pocket inside the bag): $15500

    PM (with a pocket inside the bag, but without pocket at the back of the bag): $13100

    GM (bigger size than PM): $14800

    I will go for a PM, because it's cheaper, but outlook is the same as PM2. PM2 is designed for those who need a pocket outside for convenience (e.g. carrying mobile, tissue, MP3).

    If you are very tall, you can go for GM.

    TPM is too small and is not really that practical.

    Good luck with your Evelyne hunting!
  9. The TPM also comes in natural Barenia. I have one.

    I use it when I go dancing and drinks with girl friends.