Hermes deals and bags

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  1. Hi, everyone
    I'm new to the forum, but not to the fashion world. I have a lot of bags from high designers like LV, GF Ferre, Prada,
    The reason I joined is because I fell in love with a Birkin Hermes bag, and would like to get more information for the future when I will be able to buy one. Please help me with the information what are the prices, models and places where to shop. I am living in Europe, so some things are a bit easier for me.

    Thanks sooo much :yes:
  2. just o ad, shall we list here all information about hot deals on hermes?
  3. I am not sure what you mean by hot deals.

    but all the information you are looking for is in the hermes reference thread, pics, sizes, etc you should take a look!
  4. thanks a lot for responding to me, but i spent a whole day here by trying to find out about the prices and types. Still don't get how much is the birkin bag cost. beside that I have read on the official website that hermes has outlets where you can purchase a lot of stuff with discount. Any ideas about the addresses?
  5. ^ And all 'hot deals' can be found in the Hermes Shopping section.
  6. You have read on the Hermes website ( that Hermes has outlets where you can purchase stuff with a discount?????? Can you show us the link?

    There is no answer to 'how much a Birkin costs'. There are different sizes and leathers and that influences the price. Also, it depends on where you buy it. There's TONS of info on this forum.
  7. Well said, Hello! Birkins can be a little tough to explain.

    Unlike a car, there is no base sticker price. There are different sizes, colours, leathers (or materials), types, exotics, hardware, availability, etc etc and each and every nuance affects the price!

    I was overwhelmed when I first got here too... I have spent months and months trying to decide from all the choices what I'd like. It's been a fun journey - the wait and discovery are all part of getting a Birkin! Or in my case, a Kelly... or in many others, a Bolide, a Plume.

    Hermes is a rich legacy of beauty, trends, and effortless classics that have widstood the passing of time. Once you have absorbed the richness of it, it's hard to turn back.

    Good luck with your search! We are all friends here, holding hands as we pass through on our way. Welcome!
  8. this informatin i have copied from an official Hermes website:
    "Hermès products are sold exclusively in Hermès stores, at approved outlets and on the official website for purchases delivered in the United States and France.
  9. Ahhh, by "outlets" they do not mean outlets in the sense of a discount outlet. They mean stores other than boutiques, such as those found at airports, inside selected other stores, such as Neiman Marcus, and at duty free gallerias. These are not discount outlets, just other places to buy. Though there are sometimes sales at all these places.

    Hope that helps some!

  10. they mean outlets like retail outlets like Barneys, Neiman Marcus

    not like outlet stores.

    hermes doesn't have in the meaning id discounts
  11. ditto cobalt.