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Le Roy

aka 4Kings
Jan 11, 2017
Hopefully I am in the right place to ask this. Does anyone know or have a pic of how slouchy a Picotin 22 can get? Specifically the handles, how badly do they slouch down when placed on the chair/table?
Yes, I will be getting an insert for the base. (recs on which one you use will be appreciated TIA)
Thank you
Jan 15, 2011
Hi! I will be visiting Miami soon and made an appointment for mid August. Is the evelyne tpm impossible to get on a first visit? I was lucky to get one online two summers ago, but seems impossible to get one online now. I guess my question is will I need to buy a few things and create a relationship with an SA to get an Evelyne tpm at a later date? Thanks so much for any insight!
Nothing is impossible! It is always worth asking. While it's a popular bag, if they have them in stock and no existing clients have been asking, all the stores I shop at will sell a TPM to a walk-in.
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I just got a Kelly 28 retourne Veau Evercolor Bleu Lin that comes with a normal shoulder strap. But after I was wondering if I could get a longer strap in the same colour to be able to wear it crossbody. Do you know if I can order that in any shop at any time. Does it need to be in the same shop I got the bag from? Below pic for reference. I’m so excited my very first Hermes bag!!!

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