Hermes - Charlotte opening!


Jul 31, 2006
The day is almost here! We will be opening Monday afternoon or first thing Tuesday morning. Those of you in the Charlotte area need to come by and say hello. We unloaded our truck today and it was amazing to see all the product finally. And before anyone asks.... yes we will have Birkins. I don't want to publicly say how many, but if you PM me and ask nicely I may tell you. Lets just say we've got a few ;)

But please come by and see the store... IT IS AMAZING! It is a new, more modern design that most of the other stores. If you are not familar with SouthPark mall in Charlotte, we are in the Neiman Marcus wing in between Billy Reid and Burberry.

Hope to you alot of you soon!


Aug 26, 2006
I'm so happy to hear this. My birthday present (early December) was a trip to Charlotte and SouthPark mall, about a 3 hr. drive. I was hoping you would already be open, but I saw the storefront covered in orange!!

If we weren't closing on our house next Wednesday, I'd be there waiting for you to unlock the doors! May I come by later on and say hello? And look at scarves and men's ties, and admire any bags that you may have on display!