Hermes CEO Robert Chavez

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  1. I just found out the CEO of Hermes, Robert Chavez, is speaking at Harvard Business School later this month. (So is the CEO of Gucci, by the way, but on a different day.) I am beyond excited. These talks are very small, maybe 80 people max will attend, so it's easy to ask questions directly. If you could ask him anything, what would you ask?
  2. Wow, I'd ask for a job? lol jj :lol: But that would ROCK to be involved on the business end of those companies rather than sales (since I could probably get a sales job NOW lol).
  3. I'd ask for a fuschia crocodile birkin. :lol: Just kidding.
  4. I would ask, "what is Hermes doing to tackle the global problem of product counterfeiting", and "how much of the pricing of Hermes products is due to the legal efforts employed to combat counterfeiting? "
  5. ^^^good questions, I'd also be curious about the actual markup of the bags, although I'm sure they wouldn't just come out with it.
  6. The best question ever, IMO. :smile:
  7. Well.. if he is single, there's always THAT question.. ;)
  8. Would he like to make a charitable donation (birken bag, any color...I'm..oops WE are not picky) to a nonprofit service that helps purselover addicts, send it in care of : Pursemama, SF, Ca
  9. I'd like to know more about their efforts to recruit, train, and retain craftsmen. Their methods of production are sadly and quickly becoming an anachronism.

    I'd also like to know about any new purse designs coming out soon!
  10. I guess I'd also like to know the margins on their bags. How much does it actually cost to produce one v. how much it sells for.

    And are their stores profitable? If some are not, why do they keep them open? And how do they select which cities get stores? Who else besides Neiman-Marcus (select locations) is authorized to sell their bags?
  11. That is a very good question!
  12. I'd like to know if they have factory visits to their ateliers because I would really like to see first hand how they make the bags and scarves.
  13. About 12-14 years ago, I had the opportunity to see a craftsman silkscreen a scarf from start to finish in the Manhattan store (then on 57th Street.) Each scarf is individually silkscreened with as many colors as needed, and it was amazing how the silk just came to life before our eyes. After the material is dry, and checked for quality, it's sent out to piece workers who work in their homes sewing the rolled edge.

    I don't know how often they put their craftsmen on the road, but you might check with your local Hermes boutique.
  14. Thanks a lot for the info. Our boutique here in Basel, Switzerland is quite small so chances are they might not offer this. But I'll still ask. I'm going there this afternoon to check out stuff!
  15. Sonya, we've given you a lot of business-y questions, would you feel too weird asking product questions? I would really, really like to know the status of the vibrato leather - is it being discontinued? Will it continue to be available on Birkins for a while (while I save up?)

    Can you also ask what's the best way for someone to obtain a Birkin? Do all Hermes boutiques have the same policies? Are there still waitlists? Can you actually order exactly what you'd like?

    Can you tell him that the 15-20 regular posters on this subforum should be bumped to the top of the line? (just kidding! well, not completely)