Hermes can't be bought online?

  1. So they must be bought at the store?? =/
    Btw, i was thinking of a hermes birkin (since they seem most popular)
    but i need an honest opinion here. Which hermes bag is nice, elegant, not too old, not really gaudy, can be worn with most outfits? I want sort of a camel/leather color since they're esaily worn. Thanks!
  2. No, most Hermes bags cannot be bought on line. There are so many bags to choose from though- definitely check out our Style reference section to see if anything strikes you! I love the Kelly, Birkin and the Bolide. But there are a half dozen bags by Hermes that I would love- it really is a matter of personal preference!

    Most importantly, have fun, and ask questions! We're happy to help!
  3. oh ok thanks. can anybody post up pics of birkins that have two shades. I saw one that had camel and dark brown or something...
  4. Special Combo Bags

    Here you go! See lots of other great bags in the reference sections too!