Hermes boxing week sale in Toronto

  1. Hi,

    I saw an ad yesterday for Hermes boxing week sale Dec 26, 2007 to Jan 2, 2008 in Toronto. It didn't say how much the discounts were going to be, but it did mention Ready to Wear, hats, and gloves. No mention of scarves, so I don't think those will be on sale.
  2. You should post this in the "Deals and Steals" forum. :yes:
  3. actually, I'll move it to Hermes Shopping where the H girls can find it faster :biggrin:
  4. Thanks! That's a nice welcome while I check the different areas out.
  5. Yes, I got the invite in the mail last week! It is usually a bit of a feeding frenzy...all last year's stuff...but sometimes you can grab a great accessory for a good price:yes:
    By the way, welcome and thanks for posting this!
  6. ^ is it invite only?