Hermes Box/Dustbag

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  1. Hey, all! I did a search and couldn't find my answer, so hopefully I'm not reposting what's been discussed a million times.

    Soo.... I'm new to Hermes. I've been wanting to buy the H belt for awhile, but am trying to find a good, authentic piece on eBay (funny, right?!). While, searching for the past 3-4 months, I've encountered numerous amounts of different packaging, whether it be authentic or counterfeit.

    My question... what do all the different boxes look like? What is printed on them? Is the box textured? What do the dustbags look like? Did Hermes ever have orange/brown dustbags? And any other information you think would be helpful.

    Thanks so much! :biggrin:
  2. the packaging changed periodically (thickness of brown lines etc) as did the sleepers..................(tan felt, orange felted cotton and now tan herringbone)
  3. If you want to be sure re: authenticity, buy from the store.
  4. We have a little unspoken "rule" on the forum... we don't talk much about the specifics/details of the bag or the packaging. That's to prevent the counterfeiters from knowing the intimate details that will set an authentic apart from the fakes.

    My advice though - I would be less concerned with the packaging than with the actual belt itself. While it's nice to have the original Hermes packaging with the item, it's more important that the item itself is authentic. If the item is authentic, very seldom will the packaging be counterfeit and vice versa.

    If you're worried, just buy direct from a store. It sounds like this is your first H purchase, and trust me, there is nothing quite like getting your first item brand new from the store. ;)
  5. :goodpost:
  6. Thanks, girls! You're all very sweet! And I agree... I'm so very close to buying direct, but then this belt popped up, and it seems so promising. However, yes, it is my first Hermes purchase. With no Hermes in CT, I might order online.

    It's also tough when I want two buckles and a single strap, haha. Oh, Hermes... what ever shall I do?!

    Thanks, again!
  7. fyi - richard's in greenwich and mitchell's in wesport both have hermes boutiques in CT

  8. I ordered from Hermes online recently and my order arrived so quickly I was amazed, excellent service!:graucho:
  9. ^^ with a belt though, I think it's best to try before you buy. The sizing can be a little unpredictable.