Hermes Bolduc/Ribbon


Mar 25, 2006
They do fabricate ribbon that will have the theme for the year. However, the SA's are also free to use the regular Hermes-Paris ribbon. While I cannot off the top of my head give you exactly what was printed on the ribbon, I can post the themes for the last few years.
1996: Music
1997: Africa
1998: The Tree
1999: Stars and Mythology
2000: New Life
2001: The Beauty of the Earth
2002: The Hand
2003: The Mediterranean Sea
2004: Ideas and Fantasy
2005: The River, Hippopotamus
2006: The Year of Paris

Adding on to dear HG's list above:-

2007: Year of Dance
2008: Year of India
2009: Year of Travel
2010: Year of Fairy Tales (yet to be seen of course)