Hermes Bolduc/Ribbon

  1. Does Hermes change its ribbon every year?
    A friend told me this a way of working out if a seller is selling a fake as many just have ribbon with Hermes Paris on it.
    And if this is true does anyone know where I can find out the ribbons over the last couple of years?
  2. They do fabricate ribbon that will have the theme for the year. However, the SA's are also free to use the regular Hermes-Paris ribbon. While I cannot off the top of my head give you exactly what was printed on the ribbon, I can post the themes for the last few years.
    1996: Music
    1997: Africa
    1998: The Tree
    1999: Stars and Mythology
    2000: New Life
    2001: The Beauty of the Earth
    2002: The Hand
    2003: The Mediterranean Sea
    2004: Ideas and Fantasy
    2005: The River, Hippopotamus
    2006: The Year of Paris
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  6. I don't know the official themes, but the way they were represented on the locks for some additiona years are as follows:
    1988 - elephant
    1992 - stork
    1993 - pegasus
    1994 - flower
    1995 - snail
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  7. does anyone have any pics? i would love to see it, particularly the paris ones
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  11. wow. I didn't even realise there are different ribbons, wasn't paying attention obviously! There's much to learn in the world of H...:amazed:
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